Sitting on my desk is an old broken brass doorknob. It came off of a door to our church. The knob is faded, dented, tarnished, and worn out. So, why do I have it? Why did I keep it? What purpose does it serve taking up space on an already overcrowded desktop? It actually serves as a reminder in three different ways.
            First, it reminds of “what has been before.” Too much in today’s culture, we are quick to throw away everything broken. It’ so much easier to just replace an item rather than repair it. Thankfully, that’s not the attitude God doesn’t just toss each of us away. He sees a history and a value in each of us. While we see something as useless, God sees something as useful. My history has made me who I am so that I can be useful to God.
            This leads to the second reason, I have kept the broken knob on my desk. It’s a picture of “what lies ahead.” At some point, all things do wear out. They become so useless, they must be replaced with something new. In the future, this body will become useless being Christ Jesus, I will have a new body for all of eternity. In the meantime, I must settle with being made new in Christ by His washing me off and using me in my current state for today’s purpose. One day, though, something better is coming.
            The final reason I keep this broken piece of equipment is to remind me of how “we are all broken in some way.” We have all been beaten up, used, up, worn out, abused, dented and dinged, and feel useless at some point. This to me is the greatest reminder. It brings to mind that God, in His infinite wisdom, takes all of my brokenness, looks past it all in order to see what lies underneath. He sees me for what I once was, what I will become, and even sees past my brokenness. He sees me as valuable to Him. He sees past all of your past, future, and brokenness too.
            The next time you find something that’s broken, banged up, used up, dented and dinged, stop for just a moment and remember just how much value Jesus sees in you. He didn’t toss you away. Instead, He gave you or is willing to give you a future despite just “how beyond repair you are.”
2 Corinthians 5:17 (NKJV)
17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

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